How to begin

At Pilates Pro there are two options:

OPTION 1: Attend an eight week Intro to Pilates course. Once you have achieved this, you are welcome to join a class most appropriate to your needs and goals. The classes are offered at a variety of levels to suit the individual client’s needs and goals.

OPTION 2: Private sessions are a great way to learn the basic principles of the Pilates Method while building strength and confidence in the exercises. At the time of initial assessment, a review of the client’s health history and overall aims and goals for undertaking Pilates.  A postural assessment is carried out and specific areas are noted to target in the patient’s programme.  

In both situations, the client will be introduced to the five principles and key elements of STOTT Pilates and taught basic Pilates matwork and reformer exercises. With private sessions, home exercises will be given to enable the client to practice the exercises at home in between supervised Pilates sessions.

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