In 2006 Jenine Saunders, a British-trained Physiotherapist, recognized a need for the unique blend of Physiotherapy and Pilates while working in Physiotherapy clinics in Sudbury.  In 2010 a centre was created where people can receive high quality treatment, learn about their posture and movement while improving their overall well being in a relaxed and healing setting.

The sum of all Jenine’s experiences results in a comprehensive understanding of the science of human kinetics and sports injuries.  Through her knowledge of the Pilates method and the neuroscience of the MELT method, emphasis is in creating functional movement patterns, while improving posture for improved lifestyle and quality of life. Pilates is a form of exercise suitable for every body regardless of age, size or ability. It is not a “quick–fix” and you do need to persevere, but the results will be worth the effort involved.  When combined with the MELT Method, it is excellent for the rehabilitation of injuries, improving postural problems & relieving chronic pain all over the body, as well as targeting any imbalances in the body before they cause injury or dysfunction.

Jenine passionately believes that exercise is the route to a speedy recovery, improved health and an overall sense of well being. This belief is reflected in her premier pilates studio located in downtown Sudbury.

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