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When I started seeing Jenine for therapy I was in chronic pain every day. The lumbar osteo-arthritis and degenerative disc disease along with a pinched nerve flared-up my sciatica pain daily. I was maxing-out my pain medication. I could’t stand with both heels on the ground without pain shooting into my SI. I was afraid to try any physical activity other than walking.

Since Jenine has worked with me my quality of life has improved 100%. Not only am I able to function through my activities of daily living with ease, I have decreased my medication by half. I have had the ability and confidence to go back to simple activities that I used to enjoy like bike-riding and diving.

Jenine is very professional and thorough. She has a very caring, nature and is determined to find the problem and help you through it.  Jennifer V

I’ve been attending private sessions with Jenine of Pilates Pro Rehab for approx 1.5 yrs now. I began attending her private sessions when nothing else worked. I had been plagued with chronic low back pain for 2 yrs prior and my quality of life was greatly affected. I tried physiotherapy three times and that’s when I was referred to Jenine. I had never practiced Pilates before this. My life has changed dramatically since then. The pain has decreased dramatically, my quality of life is so much better, and there are even days when I don’t even think about my pain. I’m so much more aware of my body and my posture (which I found out really affects your lower back). I would highly recommend Jenine and Pilates Pro Rehab to anyone. — Diane W.

At age 15, I was diagnosed with a stress fracture in my lumbar vertebra. I was forced to stop figure skating and advised to take up Pilates in order to strengthen my core and allow the fracture to heal. I have been working with Jenine one to one for over a year now. She is a caring professional who imparts her knowledge and skill in a straightforward and clear manner ensuring that you are at ease with and understand the exercises you are undertaking. Since working with Jenine, my fracture has healed, I have improved my flexibility, greatly reduced my pain, and even returned to skating. Jenine is friendly, patient, and fun to work with. I plan to continue with Pilates under her guidance and tackle other issues of strength and balance. — Krista J.

The Pilates Method and Jenine’s expertise have helped me immensely in gaining strength in my lower back from a running injury I sustained 6 years ago to my ankle. Overtime, the injury affected my knee up to my lower back all because of the incorrect way the injury healed. I did not have proper therapy for my fractured ankle and eventually I suffered from lower back pain that has stayed with me till today. After having an MRI, CAT SCAN, massage therapy, yoga, and taking many anti-inflammatories, I resorted to epidurals for lower back pain at a Back Institute in Barrie. The only other alternative I had was back surgery for my L5- S1 discs.

I had always competed in triathlons every summer up to a few years ago ( running, swimming, and cycling) but eventually had to retire from it because of the intense pain I felt in my lower back from the pounding and pressure. Even today it is difficult to lift free weights for strengthening and toning and it is so difficult to run. My injury has limited my ability to enjoy exercising like I used to. Then a friend of mine suggested I go to Pilates Pro with Jenine as she had seen great results with her injury, so I gave it a try. Jenine has done so much for me. She had me explain and demonstrate where my injury was and what happens when I overdo it. Jenine then put a program together specifically for me one hour 3 times a week. With her expertise I began to see my core get stronger and my body become more toned. This alleviated a lot of my lower back pain all the while I was enjoying my workouts on the Pilates machines using ropes and pulleys and apparatus for floor exercises.

Instead of the hard pounding from running on a treadmill machine, she has shown me there are alternative methods of exercise and machines I can use to get the same effect without injury from a cardio workout while building strength in my muscles that surround my injury. Jenine always explains what we are doing, how it affects what parts of my body, and demonstrates it to me before we get into the exercise. Her passion for Pilates training/therapy is obvious, she believes in what it does to strengthen and repair the body. I have seen a tremendous improvement in my core strength and cardio, and in my attitude because I have learned the importance of warm- ups and stretching before starting any activity. Working with Jenine, I no longer let my back injury keep me from working out using the Pilates method. I can’t wait to get back into Jenine’s pilates workouts at her new studio! I wish her all the best in her new Studio. Thank you Jenine! — Liz S.

I have been doing Pilates with Jenine Saunders for about two years. When I first started I was relatively active. I worked out at a gym, did about four spin classes a week. What I did not realize was all the damage I had done to my body. I was constantly sore. My back would give out and put me out of commission for weeks at a time. My shoulder was chronically aching. My knees hurt. When I started to do Pilates, I learned just how inflexible my body was. I did not consider stretching to be part of my fitness regime. Boy, was I wrong! Working with the Pilates method has given me increased flexibility, and I don’t wake up hurting all over! It is a learning process for sure, but I love it. Every workout is a challenge, no, it is NOT easy! But that is what I love about it. Being challenged without extreme pain, that just seem to make more sense! I think Pilates can benefit ANYONE, any age, with any athletic abilitiy. It has changed how I feel about my fitness, for the better! — Cory W.

I had the good fortune of meeting Jenine Saunders, a professional Pilates Rehabilitation Therapist when I was in need of conditioning and rehabilitation. I have suffered debilitating accidents over the years (lower back pain / knee injury, shoulder injury). Working with Jenine at Pilates-Pro Rehabilitation and Conditioning Centre has enabled me to enjoy the benefit of pain-free movements and considerably more flexibility/conditioning all around.

I would not hesitate recommending Jenine Saunders to anyone who suffers from chronic pain or to anyone who wishes to lengthen, strengthen and mobilize their body. — Debra B.

Summer of 2012, I walked into Jenine’s Pilates studio after having passed by her sidewalk sign many times. I had just returned to work after being off for two months after suffering from a bulging disc in my lower back. That day was the beginning of a great relationship. Right from the beginning, it was evident that she was knowledgable on human anatomy; not to mention a great personality to go along with it. With her keen eye she noticed that I was not able to stand still and asked me if I was suffering from a back problem. Wow!

Jenine has found her calling. She knows how our bodies should function and loves to educate and help people (at all fitness levels) through their difficulties. I have been active all of my life and I believe exercise is a big part of making you healthy; body and spirit. I also believe that life is about life-long learning. Jenine’s philosophy is identical to this.

What she has taught me with the MELT Method is how to isolate my deep muscles and get them to work after many years of not being recruited. She has enhanced my body awareness and how important it is to hydrate the connective tissue and balance the nervous system.

After a few one:one sessions and going to MELT drop-in classes for approximately three months, I could not believe how well I was doing. What’s great about MELT is that I can do this anywhere — at home or when I’m traveling. MELT is now the base of my exercise routine at home — as a warm up to my walks and before doing exercise or work.

Since January 2013, I’ve been attending MELT on Pilates and Reformer classes every week; something I would not have been able to do last year! I am no longer suffering from back pain and I’ve built up my Core. The best part is that I am now in better shape than I have been in years! Although I have a ways to go, I feel and look great, thanks to Jenine. –Danielle V.

I am, I guess what you would call a regular client of Jenine Saunders of Pilates Pro for the past year. I attend regular MELT sessions as well as core classes and do private sessions in pilate strength and conditioning. I am in my 50’s now but when I was 45 yrs old I was diagnosed with and treated for a rare form of arthritis which is actually an auto immune disorder, call psoriatic arthritis. This disease affects my joints much like most forms of arthritis do, but isn’t concentrated to one particular group of joints rather throughout my entire body thus giving me disabling pain most of the time.

I knew I needed to keep busy doing things because “To Rest is To Rust”, and for those that know me, resting isn’t in my genetic make up. I was the hockey coach, baseball coach, house builder, a mover and a shaker. This disease made me tired, weak and played out. My work and home life were being affected What to do?

I joined gyms with classes, had personal trainers, rode bicycle, tried running, all failed. The gym made me feel uncomfortable as I wasn’t capable of training as hard as most guys. Personal trainers were not educated enough or didn’t want to educate themselves on my particular situation to train me the way I needed to be trained. I was getting hurt, having to go to rehab and then go back training. This was so discouraging until a year ago.

I got hurt once again at a training facility and went looking for something to help me. My daughter mentioned Pilates Pro (Jenine’s place) and this weird stuff called “MELT” to me. I researched it on the internet and decided to try it.

MELT is part of my everyday life now. I cannot say enough about all the great things it has done for me. I know with MELT and Pilates combined with Jenine’s professional ability to visualize the human anatomy and her caring nature I will be mobile well into my retirement years. Jenine is one of the most knowledge based therapists I have ever met, both academically with her kinesiology/physio background to her practical certifications in training runners, teaching pilates and instructing MELT.

Along my journey to wellness, I have met many people and tried many different things, but am so grateful to have found a few key people who have been able to actually help me get where I need to go . Jenine is definitely one of these key people for me! I thank you, Jenine!

You can sit and complain and find excuses for not doing it, but the bottom line is, if you want to be the 70 or 80 yr old getting it done. You Better Be Doing It Now! — Owen M.

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